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How to build an online store from the ground

Building an online store is a smart way to make a bit of extra money. However, it is usually tricky to successfully come up with one, especially if you have no idea of where to start. Luckily, there are an array of tools out there which you can efficiently use to develop such stores without necessarily spending a lot of money. The following article details a step by step process of developing an online store. It also mentions some of the tools you will need to carry out the task successfully.

 Research and pick the perfect online store builder

While there are many online store builder options out there, it is important to always do some research before choosing any specific one. The best store builder options like Shopify will have customizable templates in place, strong links with different payment options such as PayPal and easy delivery alternatives which you can directly like with shipping provides. If you are not aware of some of the best online store builders around, I recommend you try any of the following options:

  • Shopify:

Considered to be the best all-around e-commerce store builder today. Has the ability to handle more than ten products at ones simply because of its easy to understand and run internal mechanisms.

  • Wix:

Considered to be an ideal option for startups and generally small is easy to use and has beautiful templates which fit well with different kinds of business ventures.

  • BigCommerce:

Best e-commerce platform for big businesses. Has complex internal mechanisms which work well with large orders and substantial online traffic.

 Test your online store builder

All the above-mentioned store builder options offer free trial periods. Use them to test your preferred builder and in the process confirm that you made the right choice. When carrying out the test, engage the customer support and ask them to take you through the system they provide step by step. Since you will be using the system to run your business, it is important always to have a clear understanding of how it runs and how best it will support your business goals.

 Choose the best plan and run with it

Ones you have tested your builder and have confirmed that it is the best option, sign up and start using it. Since different plans usually come with various features, go for an option that best suits you. While you might quickly end up paying more, the chances are that you will soon recover the amount spent ones you go live and start attracting clients to your store.

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