How to choose the best platform for your e-commerce website platform

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How to choose the best platform for your e-commerce website platform

Many genuine reasons as to why a pre-built e-commerce website platform might sound better to you as compared to coming up with one from scratch exist. There are hundreds of e-commerce templates out there which can easily work well with your business. While some might be expensive, some are usually cheap and easy to operate. If you are new in this field, it is advisable to know what to look at when scouting for the right option and this is why we have developed the following article.

Four things to consider when looking for the best e-commerce website platform

 Stock size:

The size of your stock should play a key role in determining the platform you eventually pick. If you are planning to sell very few products for the first few months, look for a platform that caters for small start-ups and has pocket-friendly price options in place.

 Payment methods:

Since all of your business transactions will be done online, look for a reliable payment method to use. Apart from credit card payment option, you should consider reliable payment processors like PayPal. However, you should exercise caution when dealing with 3rd party payment processors since not all of them are legit.

 Payment plan:

Since you will be paying for the template you use to develop and run your e-commerce store, you should pay attention to the payment plans being offered by your preferred template provider. If you get an opportunity to pay monthly instead of giving an agreed percentage of your profits to the service provider, go for it. Go for an option that will not tie you down.

 Service reputation:

It is also essential to go for an option that has a good reputation. At the moment, Shopify tops the list as being one of the most preferred options in the market. With over 200,000 online clients, Shopify has managed to develop a strong brand name that offers quality services to all its users.

If you want to start a professional online store for selling furniture, clothes or even digital books, I, without any doubt, recommend Shopify e-commerce web development option. The reason is simple, Shopify has an array of themes and add-on directories which offer solutions to different online stores. Most of these themes are custom made to promote the stores which are using them and at the same time attract online traffic when correctly used.

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